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Information for prospective students

The Institute of Chemical Technology of Monument Conservation organizes studies of Technology of Restoring and Preservation of Historical Monuments and forms part of the Process Technology and Processing of Polymers study branch.

After taking basic chemical engineering courses, students attend special lectures and do practical laboratory work. They study the problems of corrosive processes in basic materials used in historical monuments (stone, wood, paper, metals, glass and ceramics) as well as the methods of monuments protecting, preserving and restoring. Students also take selected courses that relate to the preservation, reconstruction and regeneration of historical buldings at the Faculty of Architecture (Czech Technical University in Prague). In order to acquire complex knowledge of the conservation-restauration problems, students work on field studies and visit specialized centres in museums, galleries etc. Study programs are completed by a bachelor or diploma thesis. Topics of theses are closely related to the research programs undertaken by the Institute of Chemical Technology. After finishing their master studies, students may attend postgraduate studies.

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